Which Operating System is Best? Android Vs iOS Comparison

Which Operating System is Best? Android Vs iOS Comparison

In this article we will discuss two widely used operating system for mobile phones and tablets. Apple is an America based technology company that uses iOS (iPhone operating system) in its devices. iPhone is quite popular in the word specially in Europe.

On the other hand, Android is an operating system by google corporation. Android is not specific one mobile company, it is used by too many company companies like Samsung, Oppo, Motorola, etc. Both operating systems, iOS and android are based on Linux operating system. 

Android Vs iOS

Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds. Linux is an open source operating and is available for anyone to edit and use for your own purpose on other hand, windows is not. Linux is powerful, secure and fast.

Following is the comparison between iOS and android:

IOS (iPhone Operating system)

Apple is and America based company founded by Steve Jobs It has been quite popular in America until now, while last year it was crossed by Huawei, a China based company. Apple comes up with a powerful and secure operating system.

In weight and design apple phones seem best. But battery timing is not too much good in the big size apple models. This is due to hardware and display size. The greater display means lower battery timings. 

iOS (iPhone Operating system)

These latest apple phones are not too good on battery but on performance. While considering performance apple always comes in the top. iOS gives you a great performance and better user experience as compared to other operating systems. Even with less RAM and slower processors, iPhone gives you the best performance and takes no time in loading apps and games.

On the other hand, iPhone is also quite good in high resolution display and camera results. Best part about iOS is that it gives you more control on your privacy and security as compared to others. Despite all the good points iPhone comes with a smaller app store and less features as compared to android. 

Android Operating System

Android operating system comes up with some extra features as compared to iPhone operating system. As we all know iPhone operating system is only used by Apple, but on the other hand Android is not for a single company. So, due to the variety in companies, we have variety in Android operating system. Android is popular among people due to its large app store and its extra feature. In case of performance, Android is bit slower as compared to iOS.

Although android phones nowadays come with the high RAM and processors but still cannot beat iPhone in loading speed. But android is much cheaper and affordable as compared to iPhone. 

Android Operating System

On the other hand, Android gives you a lesser control on your privacy and security and it gives more control to the apps you install. In case of Facebook, android gives it almost the whole control of mobile, so does iPhone. Android phones by Samsung, Oppo, etc. are not that much slower as compared to other android phone companies, you can enjoy a faster version of android on these mobile pones with the latest features.

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