Best Android Apps For Students In 2020

In this article you are going to read about the best and very useful apps for students. Apps that help students in their daily student life, homework etc. A smarter student always looks for an easier and quicker way to complete his work. Student should search and make their way to success instead of relying on others and spending more of their guardians hardly earned money.

Best Android Apps For Students

We have been through a long list of apps in android that could be useful for students and we have checked out almost every single app. After analyzing these apps, we have short listed some really good apps for students. But these apps can also be used in daily life by men of other occupations, these are not restricted for students only.

Following are the apps we have short listed for you:
  • Wikipedia
  • Google Mail Services (G-Mail)
  • WPS Office
  • One Drive
  • Smart Kit 360


Wikipedia is may be the most useful app for students or for people searching for knowledge and information. Wikipedia is basically a volunteer site or platform, managed by volunteer students all over the world. Wikipedia has largest and organized information of history and modern technology, problems and their solutions, notes, etc. Wikipedia is nicely optimized in search engines like google and you really do not need to struggle a lot for the right piece of information. The most loveable thing about the Wikipedia is that it provides references for your note, mean from where these notes are collected or what is the source of this information.

Google Mail Services (G-Mail)

Probably google mail services are the best free mailing service this time in the world. With the help of google mail service, you cannot only send text messages but you can also attach file and documents with your mail. And google mail service supports almost every file type you wan to share. That is why teachers and students both, recommend google mailing services to assign and submit assignments and tasks. Google mail service comes with a long list of features and most of it is that it is very secure due to strong security system. Google mail services is very easy to start and manage, that is why new user will not have to struggle too much to fit in.

WPS Office

WPS office is must have app for almost every student studying in this modern era. WPS office is basically a document viewer and editing app. You can open pdf books and read them comfortably with the option of zoom in and zoom out any time you want. WPS office allows you to edit and resave your work. WPS comes with a lot of interesting features, one of them is night mode reading. As we all know screen brightness hurts more in the night and it is difficult to study for a long period but night mode of WPS office allows you to do reading for a long period continuously and consistently without the fear of damaging eyesight.

One Drive

One drive by Microsoft is one of the best cloud storages available. It is faster and gives you a quicker access. As students we all need a backup storage on internet secure our important work and document. One drive is a best option for this purpose. You can quickly back up your work and documents to the cloud storage by one drive. Best part about one drive is that it is just not only secure but easy to access and use, both at the same time.

Smart Kit 360

Smart kit 360 is a bonus option for students. Smart is not an app but collection of apps in it. It has a lot of features in it such as torch, keeping notes, calculator, magnifier, mirror, etc. You can also discover more from it. Smart kit is lite and fast and it is also compatible with lower versions of android and older devices.

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