Top Social Media Websites To Make New Friends

Social media is the reason behind making the world a global village. Social media is a great power to use nowadays, people run campaigns on social media and promote their opinions and agendas. On the other hand, social media also becomes the cause of spreading rumors and fake news. People do not consider the authenticity of information and they keep sharing it, which sometimes become too harmful for impact on the society.

Top Social Media Websites

Social media is also used as weapon to control and wash people’s brain. Social media is not a bad thing to use but it has many bad and good points to consider. Sometimes social media makes people lazy in their work and specially students in their studies. Social media and internet are cheap or free sometimes that is why people now spend more time on it to have fun and entertainment.

Following are social media sites and apps, these app are amazingly famous among the people of whole word:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat


When we talk about social media, Facebook always comes on the top. Facebook is founded and owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Having a Facebook account gives you access to a lot of genuine and a lot of fake information. Facebook has the largest known database with the information collected from users. Facebook knows us more than us, it has unlimited access to our devices and it collects almost all type of your data, such as your likes and dislikes, etc. Facebook is basically a news scrolling app with feature of chatting with your friends. Facebook also provides the feature of buying and selling things online.


Instagram is a basically celebrity following app. It is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram is usually used for scrolling pictures of your favorite celebrities and also your loved ones. It is also a set of limited features of Facebook, like you can buy and sell products on Instagram too.


Twitter is a tweeting app, with the profile of almost every celebrity in this modern era. Having account is less dangerous as compared to other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. This is because Twitter is less addictive than other apps. Most of journalist with their original account are also on twitter and they inform you with the latest and authentic news. You can easily create an account on twitter and follow friends and your favorite ones.


Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most used communication app in the world. WhatsApp is easy and simple to use and it has a lot of communicating features such text messages, audio and video call, etc. WhatsApp is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp also provides the feature of sharing files and data but with limitation of size.


Snapchat is an interesting social media app. It is also a communicating app. But snapchat is the underrated app. It comes up with a lot of cool features and filters. Snapchat is also very good for capturing photos and having stickers on them or captions also in some sort of stylish look.

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