How To Make AdSense Account In Pakistan

You can make AdSense account in Pakistan by following these steps:
  • Content must be unique (0-5% plagiarism).
  • Per article contains a least 400 words.
  • Blog or Website must contain 18-25 posts.
  • The theme must be simple and attractive.
  • No broken or dead links on the entire website.
  • AdSense takes 2-3 days for account approval.
  • Navigate your Blog and each category at least contain 2 posts.
  • Don't use too many images. Maximum 3 pictures in an article of 400 words.
  • These Four Pages are compulsory for AdSense approval such as "About, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy" if you are getting traffic from European countries.
  • Top-level domain such as .com, .net, .pk, .org, are also compulsory for AdSense account approval.AdSense is an ad company that runs by Google. It allows Bloggers and Webmasters to earn by placing ads on their blogs and websites.
  • Remove all the unnecessary widgets and links. There are two benefits of doing this first one, it increases the speed of your blog second it improves user experience. 
  • The main cause Adsense rejects your application is broken links. Check all the dead & broken links. Also, check the robotics sets. Sometimes, Adsense bot does not have access to your site.

How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval

Traffic does not matter in AdSense account approval. You can get approval from AdSense on zero traffic. The only thing that matters is content. With quality content, it is very easy to get Adsense account approval.

How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval

Things To Know  

New Blogger doesn't write articles for their blog. Rather then, they copied content from other blogs and wished to get AdSense account approval. Their main goal is only to approve AdSense Account legally or illegally.
Things To Know

Due to this, AdSense account selling is one of the top business trends in the online world. Many AdSense Publishers approved the AdSense account on their blog and then they sell it to newbies Bloggers. 

Buy & Selling of AdSense

According to AdSense policies buying and selling of AdSense account is illegal. If the AdSense team found any unethical activity, they immediately ban your AdSense account. So it is important to approve AdSense account on the actual domain.

This is the reality that Google indexed all the data of any blog showing in search engines and AdSense authorities don't want to show ads on duplicate content. So you can't get AdSense approval by copying someone's content. So you have to write your own unique content that encourages potential readers and search engines.

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