List Of 10 Best Schools in Karachi (2020 Updated)

List Of 10 Best Schools in Karachi (2020 Updated)

If you are looking for best schools in Karachi you must have to go through this article. Study is very important to polish your skills and personality and for this you have to join an institute.

Best Schools in Karachi

By this you get the knowledge of many things. Before joining an institute you should completely know about that center. Their environment, their staff, their rules and regulations, their fee structure and other stuff.

Best Schools In Karachi Are

  1. Karachi Grammar School
  2. Karachi American School
  3. The international School
  4. The City School
  5. Center For Advanced Study
  6. Beacon House School System
  7. St Patrick’s School
  8. Happy Palace Group of Schools
  9. The Lyceum School
  10. White House Grammar School

Karachi Grammar School

This is a private institute located near Saddar Karachi Sindh Pakistan. It was invented in 1847, this is one of the oldest school in Karachi as well second oldest school in South Asia. They educate 2500 students in their school. They have high graded staff.

Karachi American School

This school was established in 1953. Yes the old one but provide their students with advance and latest studies. Also, they build their students with other creative activities. They organize many sports event to make their student successful in every aspect of life.

The International School

This school is co-educational and private. They have high faculty staff for education. They have set their syllabus and standards internationally and teach their students according to them.

The City School

This is most advanced school which is getting developed day by day. They follow UK’s based education system. Therefore, their students have sharp mind in different academics programs. They have top faculty staff to encourage their students in their studies.

Center For Advanced Study

They are showing their advancement in education purposes. They have two main campuses. Located in Clifton Karachi. They are providing 14 years of study program to their students. Their staff members is helping for their students. This is the best school with the best environment.

Beacon House School System

One of the largest school running their network more than 9 countries. These countries include : Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Philippines, Malaysia, UK, Indonesia. They are providing the best quality education to their students.

St Patrick’s School

This is 2nd oldest school in Karachi located in Saddar Karachi, this was established in 1861. This institute is affiliated with Catholic Church. But still consider in top schools of Karachi in Pakistan. They teach their students in extra curriculum activities as well.

Happy Palace Group of Schools

This is a private school with 31 campuses., more than 10,000 students are getting their education from this school. They also provide O and A level studies there.

The Lyceum School

Established in 1987, located in Clifton Karachi. They enrich their students with advanced level of education, skills. This provides best and study environment. Their staff is fully educated therefore this is one of the top school in Karachi

White House Grammar School

It was established in 1981, this is a private educational institute with English medium courses. They are affiliated with international Cambridge systems.

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