Custom Robots Header Tags & Robotics.txt Settings For Blogger

Search engines communicate with your website with the help of robotics tags. Robotics provide information to web crawlers that which content search engine crawler should index or not. These are very important settings because any incorrect things, badly effect your site ranking.

Custom Robots Header Tags & Robotics.txt Settings For Blogger

Blogger continuously making changes to give user a better experience.In blogger, for this purpose we used robotics.txt and Custom robotics header tags. 

Custom Robotics Header Tags With Their Purpose

allNo restrictions. Freely indexed content on this page
noindexDo not show this page in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages)
nofollowDo Not follow any web link on this page
noneThis one tags have features of noindex and nofollow
noarchiveGoogle keep a copy of your blog and show it to user if it is goes down. By using noarchive tag you can prevent it
nosnippetDo not show a rich snippet in  search results
noodpOpen Directory Project is a directory of website. Search engines sometime use it to get information about your site. You can block this directory by selecting nodp
notranslateDisable translation to any language on this page
noimageindexDo not index images in search engines from this page
[RFC-850 date/time]
Deindex or not show this website after specific date

Robotics Setting On Blogger

You can find custom robotics header tags and robotics.txt in  Settings>Search Preference. 

1. Custom Robotics.txt

Paste the below code in your blogger custom robotics.txt. Picture is also given below:
Allow: /*?m=*
Allow: /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=3000
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /*?*
Disallow: /*=*
blogger custom robotics.txt

2. Custom Robots Header Tags

Home Page: All,noarchive,noodp
Archives and Search Pages: noindex,nofollow,noarchieve,noodp
Default For Posts and Pages: all,noodp

Custom Robots Header Tags

Here In homepage we are indexing every content but disabling achieve and open directory to crawling our content. In this way, your title and description will not have copies on different sites.

In Archive and Search pages we do not allow crawler to index them because on blogger we use multiple tags. All the tags will appear in search result. This effect your site SEO. 

At last, we are using all and noodp tags because and enabling noarchieve also. The reason is simple because if your post is unavailable in google search engine. It will show the archive version of your site.

By doing this setting you will get a higher chance of ranking in Google and other engines. If you want to other robotics settings you can use it. But double check before saving change. It directly makes an impact on your website.

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