Google Blogger Dashboard Settings Explained With Pictures

Blogger is a free blogging platform that is easy to use and control. It is also known as Blogspot due to its subdomain. It is very popular platform for newbies who want learn and going to start their career in blogging. 

In this article we are going to discuss that how we can use blogger dashboard. After login this dashboard is appears which is complete different from the website front end. This is the background of your blogger blog where you will do all the setting. Let's discuss every function one-by-one.

View Blog

Just after the blog title you will see a view blog option which is used to open your blog. Basically this is mostly used when you want to see settings you have applied to your blog. You can also open your blog by simply typing the blog URL or domain.


This is the second function in google blogger dashboard. From here, you can create posts, edit and delete them by one click. By click on New Post you can create new post. You can also sort your posts by Labels and get a short analytic about your post performance like how many visitors read your post and commented.

Google Blogger Dashboard Settings

By clicking on published you will only those posts which is live on your blogspot blog. Draft is used to see those articles which is written but not published. 


In stats, you will see page views and your last month visitors etc. This functionality give you an analytics about your trending posts and audience you are getting from different countries. These statics is not reliable but you can use Google Analytics with blogger to get perfect statics about your audience.

Blogger Stats


This is another useful function where you can see all comments on different posts. You can  allow them to publish on your blog. The best part about blogger comments that it automatically detect spam comments and inform you about them.


If you want to earn from blogging than you can use AdSense. AdSense is an ads company that run by google to display advertisement on your blog. There are minimum requirements to qualify for blogger. You will get Sign Up button when your blog become eligible for AdSense.

Google Blogger Adsense


Pages are important part of a website or blog. It tells that what your blog is about. On  blogger, mostly About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy are created in pages section.


This is the most important function in your blogger dashboard. Layout is used to edit the view of your blogger blog. You can add Favicon, add/remove gadgets and set your blog logo from here. By Click Blog Posts a popup window appears for further settings like how many number of posts are shown on homepage. 

Blogger Layout Setting

You can set other setting like displaying author details, publishing date, Ads, comments and location etc. After doing layout settings click on Save Arrangements at the top to view changes on your blog.


In theme, you can customize your website like changing colors, fonts and making visible or invisible gadgets. Basically, this also contains some features of layout  function. You can see your site preview live when doing customization setting. 

Blogger Theme Dashboard

In the top left corner you will see Backup / Restore from here you can change your theme or save your theme. With Customization there is Edit HTML buttons from where you can edit your blog HTML coding.

If you do not have HTML knowledge than do anything it can effect your blog badly. Some deafult theme is given in blogger for blog. You can use one of these or use your own custom theme.


Settings is the last function on Blogger Dashboard. You can change different settings like changing your blogger blog title, description and making your blog visible to search engines etc. You can also add custom domain name free in your blogger blog from here.

Blogger Dashboard Setting

A separate option is given here from additional posts and comments setting. In Search Preference you can do blogger SEO settings to rank high in search engines. You can also add new authors and delete your blog with one click in blogger settings.

Blogger is easy to use CMS (Content Management System). Blogger is a non-technical blogging platform so, anyone having basic knowledge of English can start his blog on blogger. 

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