How To Add Godaddy Domain To Blogger With Pictures

GoDaddy is one of the best domain provider. On the contrary, blogger is a free blogging platform which allow its users to connect a free custom domain with their blog. It is easier to use a website or blog on Blogger. A person having no technical knowlege can easily create his blog on blogger.

But, the subdomain of blogger ( seems to be unprofessional. Using your own custom domain ( blog give your user a reliability that you are serious about your blog. There are many SEO advantages for using your own custom domain.

After purchasing domain from GoDaddy, they assigned you an IP address (A & CNAME records). You have to change these record in order to point your domain on blogger. Follow these steps to integrate your domain with blogger.

Sign In Your GoDaddy Account

Sign in  your domain account. Enter your username and password and press submit. After submitting, you will be redirected to your product page where you will see your domain.

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with

DNS (Domain Name System)

Click on DNS button you will see a pop winddow with CNAME and A records will appears. You have to Add 4 A records and 2 CNAME records.

 Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

 Below sample is given that how youcan add 4 A records. This A records are same for every blog. You can copy below records also. Add those four values in your  DNS seetings. Note Add TTL (1 hour in every record).


After adding A records you have to add CNAME records. Go back to your blogger custom domain settings. Add your domain and  press Submit. Here an error will appears. In this error your CNAME records are mentioned. Copy & add them in your GoDaddy DNS records and click save. Note CNAME records is different for every blog. Do not copy demo records. Demo is given below:

Now, again come back to your blogger domain setting and click save. Than again click on domain setting and cick redirect your domain non WWW version to WWW version. Also, don't forget to turn on HTTPs availability. Wait For 5 minutes your site will be ready. If you are facing any problem comment below.

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with

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