How To Write SEO Friendly Post In Google Blogger

Quality article maters a lot because without it, you can rank in google even in any other search engine. Alot of people write well, but they do not know about how to structure it well to rank it on search engines. 

How To Write SEO Friendly Post In Google Blogger

Blogger is one of the SEO friendly platform. You can rank it easily on high competitive keywords. Let's start how we can write an SEO friendly article on google blogger.  Click on New Post in order to start writing your article.

Above you  will see Post Title here you will have to add the main heading of your article. This heading not exceeds from 60 characters. You have to use your main keyword 1 time in your heading

Blogger Post Heading

Below Heading, you will see different icons. Every icon come with a unique feature.
Compose: It is default writing style.
HTML: If you want to use HTML code or edit any coding than by clicking on HTML button you will see HTML coding of your article.
F: used to change the font of your article. 
TT:  used to change the text size. 
Normal is the default option by click on it a drop menu appears. You can use Heading, Sub Heading Etc as required. 
B:  icon is used to bold any word in your article.
I:   is used to make an effect in your text.
U; for Underlining any word. 
ABC; for line cut effect on your font. 
A: is for your fonts color. Link to insert any URL. 
Then the Picture & video Icons are used to insert image in your content. You can also add emoji and list by click upper menu.

Post Setting Menu

Blogger Post settings

  • Labels: We use this to categorize our data. You can write your related keywords here and separate them with comma(,). 
  • Schedule: With this you can easily schedule your post.
  • Permalink: It is the link or URL of your article it is automatically generated. You can also add default URL by click on default.
  • Location: You can select your location but it is not compulsory.
  • Search Description: This is the short summary about your complete article. You can only use 150 characters here. Search description can be enabled from main settings. Google generate your article meta description automatically if it is blank or disable.
  • Options: Here you can change basic settings like allow/don't allow comments on your article and link break settings.
  • Custom Robots Tags: This is used to index or de-index your article. Remain it default.

How To Upload Images In Blogger Post

You can upload image by click on image icon. After clicking a pop up window will appear with different options. With these options you can directly use image from your Google, any existing picture on your blog and by adding URL of image of another site. 
To Add Picture from computer or mobile click on upload and select your picture. After uploading, select or drag it where you want to use it.

ALT Tags

When you are adding any image on your blog. Don't forget to use ALT tags. ALT Tells search engine that what is your picture and its purpose. To add ALT tags in blogger click on the image and Click Properties. Here you will see title text see Title Text and Alt Text. You can use same for both.

How To Upload Images In Blogger Post

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