Intelligence Test Verbal & Non Verbal For Army Navy PAF

Intelligence test is used to check  whether a person is mentally fit or not. There are two types of intelligence tests are used for this purpose
  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test
Intelligence Test

Why Time Management Is Important?

Time Management is the most powerful key to pass the verbal and non-verbal intelligence test. If you manage your time in intelligence test then you probably pass the 45 percent of the test. 
You only have to do the single thing any question you found difficult and long just skip it and solve the easiest one. Solve those difficult questions at the end. But remember one thing that doesn't skip all the questions to find the easiest one.

How To Think Quickly?

Quick thinking is the other most powerful weapon to solve this type of question. You have to think quick as much as possible as time is limited you don't have to be a lazy person who thinks 1 to 2 minutes on a question. 
Take full sleep before the test to relax your mind and full of energy food before going to the test. One thing you care about that you don't confuse. Relax and solve them. 

Why Activeness Is So Important?

One thing more you have to understand that if you stay active then you have all the concentration on a particular thing. You have seen many questions in the test which seems to very difficult but the answer is inside them, for example, there is a question about the age that
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Umer is older than Bilal and Bilal is younger than Nouman and Nouman is older than Umer.
Here you will get the answer if you stay active. 

Types Of Verbal Intelligence Test

  • Insert the missing number
  • Word Coding / Sentence Coding
  • Odd one out / Different from the rest
  • Comparison / Relation
  • Correct Answer/ Confused One
  • Jumbling Words

Insert The Missing Number

Verbal Intelligence Test
In this type we have to solve the series, this series may be consist of numbers or characters. We have to find out the logic or mechanism and solve it according to it. In character series, we used character instead of a number. 

Word Coding / Sentence Coding

Verbal Intelligence Test

In a word or sentence coding a word or sentence is given with a code like above if we solve it its means W coded as 2, E coded as 4, N coded as 9, and T coded as 8 so what the answer for TEN, it probably the 894. 

Sometimes the irregular pattern of the words or irregular spellings is also shown on on the screen and you have to get the code by solving them. 

Odd one out / Different from the rest

Verbal Intelligence Test

In these types we have to choose the odd one out or which is different from the rest. In the above picture horse, cow, lion have four legs and the hen has two legs, so he is different from the rest. The hen is the correct answer

Comparison / Relation

Verbal Intelligence Test
In Comparison, / Relation we have to find out the solution by making and understanding a relation, as in the above picture water is to river mean water is found in the river, and the next sentence is blood is to its mean blood is found in body or blood bank( chose the relevant answer in the given options).

Correct Answer/ Confused One

Verbal Intelligence Test

This type is a little bit confusing and tricky, here is the question is already solved we just have to tell that it is correct or not for the correct solution we have to solve it again to get the correct result.

Jumbling Words

Verbal Intelligence Test

In Jumbling type words or sentences are arranged disorderly like above we have to organize them correctly. For example on the above am fine i is written which is totally a wrong sentence. The correct sentence is I am fine.

What Is Non-Verbal Intelligence Test?

In non-verbal intelligence different types of diagrammatic or graphical questions appeared which look like a puzzle. We have to complete the graphical series by choosing the right answer.


In sequence type, a sequence of diagrams are shown on the screen, and we have to point out the logic of the complete diagram series to get the right answer to the question

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test


Different types of pattern are shown on the screen. The remaining pattern provides the logic to solve the answer.

Non Verbal Intelligence Test

Download Intelligence Test PDF (Verbal & Non-Verbal)

You can download Verbal intelligence test questions and answers & do gar intelligence test book PDF free download.

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