Solve ISSB Group Planning Task In Most Effective Ways

Solve ISSB Group Planning Task In Most Effective Ways

This test is a part of GTO Tasks. It is also known as Military Planning Task. Group planning task consists of 9-11 candidates & they have to solve a problem given by GTO.

Most Effective Ways To Solve ISSB Group Planning Task

Then GTO asks, all the candidates to select a leader, who will present the whole team solution that all the candidates have solved. In this task, the main problem caused by math because you have to calculate the speed and time of moving vehicles or plane (in most cases).


  • Sharp your basic mathematical skills.
  • Select the most suitable person for the presentation.
  • Participate fully in the task.
  • Do your part immediately and inform the group about it.
  • Listen carefully, about the problem.
  • Don't be a silent or stupid person. Use your intelligence, be sharp and intelligent.

Most candidates can't solve the group planing task. But there always an average of approximately 2 candidates recommended in each group. It means, they didn't need you to complete the task. But you have to show them that, you have stamina, courage and guts to solve it.
It doesn't mean that you didn't try to solve the group planing task, generally, it will affect your performance and grading.

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