Top Pakistani Urdu Writers That Inspired People

Top Pakistani Urdu Writers That Inspired People

Pakistan is a very fertile land in terms of intellectuals. The land of indo-pakistan and latter Pakistan nourished very extraordinary writers in Urdu, Persian, Sindhi, and to some extent English in this modern world.

The writers of Pakistan had written bundles of literature contributing the richness of Urdu. These Best Urdu writers have written on diverse genre and dimensions of life for different purposes as from the tails of independence to problems that Pakistan faced. From love stories of Heer Ranjha ,Sassi Punno.

Top Pakistani Urdu Writers That Inspired People

The many top Urdu writers in their own expressions also portrayed the diverse culture of indo-pak subcontinent which enjoyed much appreciation from the young generation.

The top Urdu writers list is indeed quite difficult to write but this is the general list of top Urdu writers who are very famous and every Urdu writer is the king of his own time.

BANO QUDSIA (1928-2017) 

Bano Qudsia is a very well renowned novelist, playwright, and a spiritualist also. She was the most respectful lady in his field. She was wife of Ashfaq Ahmed who is also a famous playwright. She had made a lofty contribution to Urdu literature through her immaculate writing.

Bano Qudsia writings has a profound impact on her readers. The best part of Bano Qudsia writing was that the readers also find spiritual guidance through her words.

The awards and titles she enjoyed:

  • Sitara-i-imtiaz In 1983
  • Hilal-i-imtiaz In 2010
  • The Kamal-e-fun Award
  • Life Time Achievment Awards

Famous Books Of Bano Qudsia 

  • Raja Gidh 
  • Bazgasht 
  • Na Qabil E Zikr 
  • Amarbail 
  • Hasil Ghat 

AHSFAQ AHMED(1825-2004) 

Ashaq Ahmed was a playwright, broadcaster of Pakistan. His work in Urdu includes novels, short stories, and plays for radio and television. He is an alumnus of GCUL. 

Awards And Titles 

  • Presidents Pride Of Performance 
  • Sitar-E-Imtiaz

Famous Books Of Ashfaq Ahmed 

  • Zaviya 
  • Nangy Paoon 
  • Safar Dar Safar 
  • Dastan Go 
  • Hairat Kadah 
  • Bandaa Zamana 
  • Gadariya 
  • Shehr E Arzoo 
  • Mann Chaly Ka Soda 

Saadat Hassan Manto(1912-1955) 

Sadat Hassan Manto was an indo pak writer, playwright, author, novelist and radio person.
Manto wrote and expressed his views about the chaos that developed during and after the partition of India.he wrote many tales of the people who bitterly suffered from the partition, lost their loved ones and properties. He as a writer being very sensitive also portrayed the dark era of life and dark human psyche. 
  • Notable Awards 
  • Nisahan E Imtiaz 

Famous Writings 

  • Aaram Ki Zarurat 
  • Karamaat 
  • Aankhon Par Charbi 
  • Islaah 
  • Be Khabri Ka Faida 
  • Thanda Ghost 
  • Boo 
  • Toba Tek Singh 
  • 1919 Ki Bat 
  • Insaf 
  • Intezar 
  • Akeli 

Mumtaz Mufti(1905-1995) 

 Mufti a Pakistani story writer play writer, novelist and radio person. He was a famous writer of its time. Mumtaz was expressed his views.he also wrote hajj travelogue''LABBAEK'.which was highly appreciated by the readers and gained spiritual guidance from his words.

Famous Writtings 

  • Ali Pur Ka Ely 
  • Muftiyane 
  • Aur Aukhe Log 
  • Nizam E Siqa 


His name is Sher Muhammad Khan,he was a Pakistani Urdu poet, humorist, travelogue writer, and a newspaper columnist. 

Famous Writings 

  • Kal Chaudwin Ki Raat Thy 
  • Sham E Gham Ki Sahar Nahin Hoti 

Qurratulain Haider(1927- 2007) 

She was an influential Urdu writer, novelist, and expert in short story writer, an academic and a journalist, was most distinguished writers of the subcontinent with an immense body of work in her repertoire, her published works include novels, travelogues, literary criticism, and translation of work from English literature into Urdu as well as translation of her own works into English. 

Famous Writings 

  • Aag Ka Darya 
  • Chandni Begum 
  • My Temples Too 
  • A Season Of Betrayals 
  • The Sound Of Falling Leaves 
  • Sitaron Sy Agy 

Shaukat Siddiqui (1923-2006) 

He was a Pakistani writer of fiction who wrote brilliant in Urdu.very few writers of Urdu especially Pakistani wrote for fiction, but he is the one of those who did his work wonderful.his few of the books are very popular of all the times. 

Famous Books 

  • Khuda Ki Basti 
  • Jangloos 
  • Char Dewari 
  • Notable Awards 
He was the receiver of many awards of national and international awards most higly recognized awards are 
  • Kamal E Fun In 2003 
  • Adamjee Award In 1960 

Naseem Hijazi(1914-1996) 

Nassem Hijazi is rightfully considered the greatest novelist in the genre of historic novel.naseem hijazi was a master of bringing a historical setting to life and make it seem like a mirror image of reality,he was a truly gifted storyteller. He lived most of his life in Pakistan.

Famous Publications 

  • Khaak Aur Khoon 
  • Akahri Chatan 
  • Kaleesa Aur Aag 
  • Aur Talwar Toot Gy 
  • Dastan E Mujahid 
  • Yousaf Bin Tashfin 
  • Aakhri Maarka 
  • Muazzzam Ali 
  • Qafla E Hijaz 
  • Shaheen

Mustansar Husssain Tarrar 

Born in March  1939. He is also an alumnus of GCU.also recipient of 
  • Pride Of Performance 
  • Sitara E Imtiaz 

Famous Books 

  • Bahoo 
  • Raakh 
  • Fakhta 
  • Lenin Of Sale 
  • Undulus Me Ajnabi 
  • Khana Badoosh 
  • Raka Poshi Nagar

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