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 This test is taken on the second day of ISSB. It consists of 100 random words. Your response toward any word shows your thinking, traits, and actions. Psychologists use this technique to know more about a person. Mostly, for the induction of officers in armed forces WAT is taken.

You can download Word Association Test ISSB Solved PDF from the link at the end of the article. 

Aim Of Psychologist Test

However, Word Association Test ISSB (WAT) is used by psychologists to reveal the personality and thinking of a candidate.

In this Word Association Test, 100 words are shown on the screen, and candidates have to make a sentence on each of the words.

Words displayed for is 10-12 seconds simultaneously. This sequence repeats until the completion of all words. Sometimes, additional words are also added. There are some tips that would really help you in ISSB WAT. 

Tips For WAT

These tips are given by different ISSB mentors and ISSB recommended candidates. I convert them into a long list. 
  1. Word Association Test ISSB Solved PDF Samples 
  2. Write positive and short sentences.
  3. Believe me, they don't check your grammar.
  4. Don't miss or cut any word. Write neat and clear.
  5. Manage Your time carefully. Time management is the main key in all ISSB tests.
  6. Try to make a sentence on current conditions.
  7. Do not use any personal name too much in word association test, start writing with him, she, they, etc.
  8. Write social and progressive sentences.
  9. Never try to write memories words. This trick usually creates confusion. So, avoid it.
  10. Try to write positive and optimistic words because these words show positive and helping behavior.
  11. Never make any sentence against any institutions including the armed forces of Pakistan.
  12. Do not reveal too much about yourself. You may face difficulty in Psychologist Interview.
  13. Practice more to avoid mistakes in ISSB WAT.
  14. Use quality base and moral words.
  15. Make meaningful and logical sentences.
  16. Your response should represent a sense of justice, a sense of responsibility, straightforwardness, team spirit, courage, self-confidence, and cooperative spirit.
  17. Do not use too much can, could, mighty, should, may word.

Solved Word Association Samples

  • Key: Hard work is the key to success.
  • Lie: I hate lies.
  • Army: Our army is brave.
  • Support: Support your team.
  • Help: Help the needy.
  • Life: Struggle in life.
  • Justice: Justice is a sign of a healthy society.
  • Music: Music is good art.
  • Chase: Don't Chase worldly things.
  • Character: He is a man of character.
  • Save: Save the energy
  • Sex: My sex is male.
  • School: My school is best.
  • Country: Without country we are nothing.
  • Girl: This girl is intelligent.
  • Crazy: Crazy people are creative.
  • Hope: Hope for the best.
  • War: War is not a solution.
  • System: We have to improve our educational system.
  • Bomb: Bomb is a deadly weapon.
  • TV: I watch the news daily on TV.
  • Happy: Make people happy.
  • Lead: leader leads from the front.
  • Team: The Pakistan team won the match.
  • Man: He is a man of character.
  • Crazy: Crazy people are creative.
  • Pakistan: The land of pure people.
  • India: A neighborhood country.
  • Run: He runs very fast.
  • Fight: Fight for survival.
  • Pet: I have a beautiful cat.
  • Work: work hard or die.
  • Fail: Learn from failure.

Inter services selection board selects the most suitable candidates. Sometimes, a person is not fitted for armed forces. But, he performs best in another field of life.

Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force different kind of institution which recruits genuine persons. Download PDF form here. You can prepare yourself for other ISSB tests also. Check these articles: 

Words For Practice

Here are some words for the practice of the ISSB word association test.

Word Association Test ISSB

Word Association Test ISSB

Word Association Test ISSB

Word Association Test

Word Association Test

ISSB Word Association Test

ISSB Word Association Test

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