What is ISSB Test & How To Clear It?

What is ISSB Test & How To Clear It?


ISSB stands for Inter-Services Selection Board. It tests a candidate's mental and physical stability on 14 different qualities. After a recommendation, a candidate called for training. Pakistan Army, Navy & Air force have their separate academies to train their cadets.


Pakistan Military Academy (PMA Kakul) is located in district Abbottabad, KPK, P.A.F Academy Asghar Khan is located in Risalpur and PN academy is located in Manora Island Sindh,. The ISSB selection procedure consists of 3 major tests.
  1. Psychological Tests
  2. Outdoor Tests
  3. Interviews

Inter-Services Selection Board Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for ISSB test if you have passed the initial test and submitted the ISSB biodata form. However, you can not apply directly for inter services selection board, to become eligible you must have to pass the initial test. Basically, in any commission course first test is known as the ISSB initial test. The initial test consists of these tests.
  1. Verbal Intelligence Test
  2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  3. Academic Test
  4. Physical Test
  5. Medical Test
  6. Interview

You can appear in the initial test as many times as you can. But for the ISSB test there are only three chances. After passing the initial test & filling the required forms a candidate called for 5 days schedule. inter services selection board informed a candidate 2 weeks before his test through a call letter.

ISSB Call letter is sent through Pakistan Post and also uploaded on the official website. Candidates have to reach mentioned ISSB center on the given date. ISSB test centers are located in these four cities Kohat, Karachi (Malir), Quetta, and Gujranwala.

ISSB 5 Days Schedule

  1. Arrival Day
  2. Psychological Tests
  3. Out Door Tests
  4. Interview
  5. Remaining Tests

How To Clear ISSB Test

To clear the ISSB test, you have to be confident and honest. The inter-Service selection board is also famous for weird questions. The questions mostly asked about a candidate's private life. Sex and anger related questions are also asked. 

How To Clear ISSB Test?

The best way to answer the sex-related questions in ISSB is to say No. Actually, this is a psychological assessment in which they are judging your character and honesty based on your answers.

ISSB Preparation & Academies

According to inter services selection board guideline, you cannot join any academy for ISSB preparation. If you do so, consider yourself not recommended. But you can do self-preparation at home. There is a number of books available in PDF for intelligence test, Psychologist test, WAT, ISSB picture story writing, Sentence completion and much more. You can free download the best ISSB Books from our digital library.

 14 Leadership Qualities

  1. Planning ability
  2. Courage
  3. General awareness
  4.  Emotions
  5. Determination
  6. Responsibility
  7. Expression
  8. Integrity
  9. Practical sense
  10. Initiative
  11. Social relations
  12. Influencing ability
  13. Self-confidence
  14. Physical endurance

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