Technical Cadet Course (TCC) 33 Details With Syllabus {2021}

TCC stands for Technical Cadet Course. 33 Technical Cadet Course (TCC) is the regular commission offered by Pakistan Army. The previous course is 32 and the next course will be 34.

Excepted Date 

The excepted Date for Technical Cadet Course 33 will be June 4, 2021. TCC announced once in a year. Candidates have to apply online for this course on the official website of Pakistan Army. (

Basic Eligibility Requirements



 Marital Status

 Only unmarried can apply

 Age Relaxation

 Three months upper and lower age

 Marks Relaxation

 Candidates from special areas


Technical Cadet Course Details


 Minimum Marks 

 Age Requirement

Pre Engineering

65 % marks

 17-21 Years


 65% marks

17-21       Years


·             Candidate having 65% marks in FSC (pre-engineering) can apply on hope certificate.

·             DAE (Diploma holders) are not eligible to apply.

·             Students with A-level Qualification are eligible to apply (equivalent marks).

·             ICS (Computer Science) students can only apply to Software Engineering.


Special Areas: Rural areas of Baluchistan included Gilgit Baltistan, Rural Areas of Singh, Rural areas of Punjab. Candidates from Azad Kashmir are eligible to apply with marks relaxation.


Technical Cadet Course Syllabus

The Syllabus of technical cadet course (TCC) is as follows:

 Test Type

 Total  Questions

 Total Time

 Verbal Intelligence

 84 Questions

 30 minutes

 Non-Verbal Intelligence

64 Questions

 30 minutes


 50 Questions

 30 minutes

 Personality Test

 150 Questions

 60 minutes

There are two types of tests in TCC initial Intelligence and Academic. In the Intelligence test, there are two types of Questions Verbal and Non-Verbal. On the contrary, In the academic test, there is Math, Physics, Islamiat, Pak Study, Computer, or Chemistry.

If you're applying for Software Engineering Then you asked Question-related to Computer, not Chemistry. If you're applying for another engineering then Chemistry Test is Applicable.

Test Sample & Past Papers In PDF

Techical Cadet Course (TCC) past papers are available in cheap prices. You can download the test sample and past papers demo in PDF from this link (Click Me)

Physical and Medical Requirements

Minimum Physical & Medical requirements for TCC by Pak Army is given as 


 5.4 feet (165 cm)


 As per Body Mass Index


 6/6 Without Glasses & Candidate
With glasses can also apply.

Chest Requirements

 82 Cm


 1.6 KM run In 8 minutes


 20 in 2 minutes

Ditch Crossing

  7.4x7.4 depth 4



How To Apply

Candidates can apply for 33 Technical Cadet Course on the official website of the Pakistan Army. However, candidates can also apply offline by visiting the nearest AS&RC (Army & Recruitment Center).


It will take 72 hours after the registration of Technical Cadet Course to get test date and time.

Selection Procedure of Pakistan Army

The army initial test is conducted at the nearest/selected Army Selection and Recruitment Center.  Army Selection & Recruitment Centers are located in all major cities of Pakistan.

The Candidate who passed the initial test will be qualified for the ISSB test.  

It takes 2-3 weeks for the completion of the test means that you can complete all your initial tests including an initial interview within 2-3 weeks. Let's take a look at which type of test conduct in the initial/preliminary Test.

Intelligence Test

The intelligence test is held to check the problem-solving capabilities of a candidate that whether he qualified the minimum Intelligence standards or not.

The Intelligence Test is the first Test that you have to give or held at AS&SC (Army Selection and Recruitment Center) on the computer. 

Verbal Intelligence

In a verbal intelligence test, there are 65 multiple choice questions and the time is 30 minutes. In this test, series, odd one out, comparison type of question appeared to check the problem-solving capabilities of a candidate.

Non-Verbal Intelligence

In non-verbal intelligence tests, diagrams, or shapes like a puzzle appears and you have selected the most suitable match for it. It is easy as compared to a verbal intelligence test. You have to solve 75 questions in 30 questions.

Academic Test

In this test, the academic approach of a candidate is checked. It consists of English, Math, Pak study, General Knowledge, Islamiat, Chemisty/Compter. You have to answer 50 questions in 25-30 minutes.

It is the main and the important initial test type for which you have to prepare. Most candidates pass the Intelligence test but unfortunately, fail to pass the initial academic test.

Medical Test 

A medical test is compulsory in the armed forces of Pakistan. In Technical Cadet course 33 initial test, medical test taken at the third number. 

In the medical tests, each and everything is checked such as chest expansion, flat feet, Carry angle, knock knee, Eyesight, Piles. Unfit candidates will be referred to the nearest CMH.

Physical Test

The fourth test is the physical test. The purpose of the physical test is to check the candidate is physically fit or not. ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) test repeaters also have to give medical and physical tests in order to prove their fitness.

Initial Interview

After passing the physical and medical tests. The initial interview forms given to the pass candidates. You can fill these interview view forms at the army selection and recruitment center or take them home.

Mostly basic Gk (general knowledge) and introduction-type questions are asked in the initial interview. Confidence and proper concentration are required to pass the initial interview.


If you clear the initial interview then you will be qualified for the ISSB test. Inter services selection board test is the final test for any commission course of Armed Forces of Pakistan.

Different tests and Interviews are held in order to check the Personality of a candidate. After the ISSB recommendation letter, the final selection list will be made on the candidate's overall performance.

After two years of training at the Pakistan Military Academy. Cadets will be awarded the rank of second lieutenant.

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